Bolsius Red Relight 24 Hour Burn Candles (Pack of 20)


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Bolsius Relight Candles are ideally suited to the aesthetic and physical demands of the catering and hospitality industry. Featuring alluring curves, vibrant colourways and 24 hour burn time, these candles are a great choice for cafes, bars, restaurants and other establishments.

Bolsius Relights Candles are available in an array of exciting colours that are sure to enhance the ambience with their warm glow. The candles produce a handsome smoke-free flame and emit a cosy flickering light.

Bolsius Relight Candles protect the flame from wind and rain. As such, these candles are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. The easy to light and relight wick ensures maximum efficiency in a busy commercial setting to provide longevity and continued performance.

Please check out our range of relight holders available - oval, square, moods, outdoor and ribbed. 

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