Oval Design Relight Holders (Box of 6)


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The Bolsius ReLight allows you to change the colour or design of your candle quickly and easily, to match a theme or season. The ReLight is the leading contemporary solution for using candlelight to enhance the atmosphere in your restaurant, bar or pub. Each candle has a burn time of 24hours. Available in trays of 20 or boxes of 80.

Design Colour Dimensions each Holder:
Relight holder Ribbed Design (Box of 6) Transparent H98 x L76 x W76 mm
Relight holder Oval Design (Box of 6) Transparent H98 x L85 x W85 mm
Relight holder Moods Design (Box of 6) Transparent H88 x L71 W71 mm
Relight holder Square Design (Box of 6) Transparent H90 x L70 x W70 mm
ReLight Holder Outdoor Design (Box of 4) Transparent H126 x L100 x W100m

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