Fresh Linen Scented Tea Light Candles (Pack of 6)

Fresh Linen Scented Tea Light Candles (Pack of 6)


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Bolsius Aromatic’s scented tea lights allow you to create an ambiance in any room, quickly and easily. The scent and colour run all the way through our tea lights. The great advantage of this is that the character and the intensity of the scent remain constant, allowing you to enjoy the same wonderful fragrance all evening long! By opting to burn either just a one or several tea lights at the same time, you can vary the intensity of the fragrance. This also makes tea lights very suitable for use in smaller rooms.

Bolsius candles are made with a premium wax blend and burn with a bright, clear flame. They use a high quality raw material which results in a longer perfect burn.
Burn Time Up To 4 Hours each.

Freshly laundered linen that brings the fresh air from outdoor drying inside with it. An invigorating, clean scent to have you jumping out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step!

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